A common theme from each mother on their favourite parts of motherhood was the special time and connection they have with their children. “I personally love breastfeeding - those moments all to ourselves late at night where we're both so snoozy and he is extra squishy and soft” was Christina’s response which goes hand in hand with Sarah Marie Fahd’s whose favourite part is of course “the cuddles!! My son has this little way he grabs my face gently, gives me a kiss and a cuddle and I melt!! Malik is definitely the best part of motherhood for me”. Those key moments of pure love and joy that are shared in the first few years of their lives, full of bliss are memories that will be forever cherished.


Motherhood is an experience that no one can be fully prepared for. Knowing how to best deal with every situation you face with your children is an impossible task. Affording yourself kindness in tough times and moments to celebrate getting through issues that you didn’t see coming is a must. Sarah Pickersgill-Brown shed light on just how resilient you must be even when things aren’t going perfectly but is always surprised when she’s able to conquer any issue that has arisen. “Motherhood is the true, ultimate test of resilience. It’s so much, all wrapped up into one; messy, loud, exciting, exhausting, boring, challenging, beautiful and at times the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And even when I think I can’t go on, I always do. Because those little faces are so worth it all”.

There will always be things that catch you off guard or are hard to deal with, but the best parts are the exciting surprises along the way. Children can be unpredictable and are always growing into their own. Leah said “Now that my twins are older, they’re beginning to learn things I don’t have any knowledge of or skill in, which has caught me by surprise and makes me so proud. An example is Caspian’s talent for learning written music”. Seeing your kinds take on skills and absorb knowledge that you can’t fully comprehend yourself is a whirlwind, but an incredibly proud achievement.


When expecting your first child it is common that everyone wants to give their two cents on what you should be doing, eating, learning etc. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the noise. Christina said that the best advice she has received was from her own mother who said “To just choose one or two people I respected to listen to - about advice, worries etc.

There is so many opinions and 'noise' out there, but if you focus and share your concerns with just your trusted person, it makes it all a little less scary”. This amazing advice is great to keep you sane and decipher what is right for you and your child. Both Sarah’s agree that the ultimate advice is to “Trust your instincts” because “only you know what is best for you and your baby”(Sarah Pickersgill-brown) because “Your maternal instincts are never wrong, follow your gut” (Sarah Marie Fahd).