MOTHER’S DAY by Simone Perele
MOTHER'S DAY by Simone Perele


For 70 years, Simone Pérèle has remained true to the values it holds dear: kindness, tolerance, solidarity and humility. While we have never been one to jump on the bandwagon, we remain ever attentive to social and environmental issues. In 2021, in recognition of the pressing nature of these challenges, we are launching our new Simone Cares program. Now more than ever, our unique history and values are our best assets for ensuring success.

Simone Pérèle are delighted to announce the expansion of SIMONE CARES; debuting four new eco-friendly lines for AW22 and a pivot towards greener packaging. As part of this expansion, Simone Pérèle are also aligning with two women-first charity organisations; CARE Organisation and THREAD TOGETHER. Following the official launch of SIMONE CARES last year, Simone Pérèle continues to combine over 70 years of heritage with positive action; seeking ethical craftspeople to showcase the brand’s unique artisanal techniques and investing in new eco-friendly materials. Considering lingerie complexity where the average embroidered or lace bra comprises of 25 material inputs, Simone Pérèle has ambitiously earned OEKO-TEX® certification, an endorsement of their chemical-free raw material status, across all new collections


REFLET in two colours white and papaya captures attention with a delicate lace for effortless elegance . The embroidery yarn contains 83% recycled polyester from plastic waste. The tulle contins 86% recycled polyamide from production remnants.

AUGUSTINE (Simone By Simone Perele) has a vintage vibe and mix of materials gives it a retro feel. It’s satin contains 92% of recyceled polyester from plastic waste.

EUGENIE (Simone By Simone Perele) in Blanc and Mangrove Green elevates everyday comfort with a subtle lace accent. It’s main fabric is made from 93% modal and it’s lace contains 53% recycled polyamide.

TIPHANIE (Simone By Simone Perele) in Lilac provokes with an intricate spiralised floral design, it has been 100% upcycled from remaining off cuts of italian lace stock.

For SS22 Simone Pérèle will integrate additional sustainable and certified materials. These include a loungewear line using LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose derived from renewable wood sources, and a new lingerie line containing GRS certified tulle sourced from recycled fibres.


IMPROVING THE HEALTH OF WOMEN AND GIRLS IN MADAGASCAR WITH CARE. Embodying the brand values of freedom and empowerment, Simone Pérèle teamed up with two leading organisations to provide comfort and confidence to women who need it most. With 50% of production centralised in Madagascar, dedicating financial support from commercial operations to the CARE organisation was a natural alignment. Combined efforts have granted 105 schools in Madagascar access to water, hygiene products and sanitation alleviating period taboo which marginalises women and causes illness due to limited healthcare.

Simone Pérèle also collaborates with THREAD TOGETHER, an Australian organisation which collects NEW end-of-line stock and diverts it to clothe vulnerable Australians, such as those affected by the recent floods. Simone Pérèle has donated approximately 3000 pieces of lingerie and counting offering comfort and reassurance to those in need while extending the clothing lifecycle - Find out more go to

Extending beyond the garments, Simone Pérèle has overhauled the PACKAGING policy for in-store and online purchases to reduce waste. New measures include an overall reduction of non-essential packaging, introduction of label and customisation boxes made of 100% recycled materials and integration of new shopping bags composed of 50% recycled paper.

SIMONE CARES is just the beginning of a deep commitment to the environment and society; tirelessly pursued and renewed to meet evolving social and ecological challenges. Simone Pérèle will continue to inwardly reflect on how to better support and empower women in accordance with shared ideals.

MOTHER’S DAY by Simone Perele
MOTHER'S DAY by Simone Perele

MOTHER’S DAY by Simone Perele
MOTHER'S DAY by Simone Perele