LiberatingWomenSince 1948

who we are


An eponymous French lingerie label delivering a more refined, designer offering of everyday lingerie solutions, targeting those who value quality, craftsmanship and global trend-led designs. Premium-priced offering placed in premium retail destinations in over 97 countries around the world. Our label is renowned for artisanal details, expert craftmanship and couture-detailing at an affordable price.

Valuing FrenchHeritage

We want to free women’s bodies so they may focus on their future success without distraction, allowing them to follow their dreams and to achieve great things. Once liberated, we want to support women throughout all the intimate moments of their lives, helping them become the best version of themselves.


By providing you with the best foundations for long-lasting personal success. From the award-winning craftsmanship of our lingerie designed to make you forget you are wearing anything at all, to the social content, to the personal fitting experience we want to inspire and encourage you and our focus is on helping you build the right foundations ... for your silhouette and for your soul.


We are the best in Lingerie Fitting and therefore we have 100% fit guarantee policy. Whether you shop in store or online we guarantee you our support from a corsetiere or our customer service team.

All staff are trained Corsetière using corsetier manual and rigorous training regime and all our team member are knowledgeable in fabrics, bra composition and body shape styling. We are passionate about women and pride ourselves in helping feel comfortable every day.


Each collecting takes 18 months to come to life each new range is being trials tested on French women for every size to ensure perfect fit for each individual size. Our Collections are designed based on global trends and our trend forecasting team in Paris, but we will never compromise with fit.

On the top of having T-Shirt bra cups still hand cut in Paris all our Embroidered patterns are symmetrical on every cup and that’s the secret of luxury. We selection the Highest quality embroidery from Saint Gallan Highest quality laces; guipure and Chantilly lace. We are specialised in offering a broad size range of A-H Cups. Simone Perele Grandson and Granddaughter are making sure the 70 years Visionary designs in the Simone Perele “avant garde” spirit is always respected.

Return and exchange are totally free, so you can be sure your fit is always perfect.